Bustling atmosphere at specialised area selling digital and electronic items

Da Nang, over recent years, has seen a growing number of specialised shopping and eating areas, especially those featuring fashion clothes stores on Le Duan, restaurants offering very tasty rice served in hand-made clay pots on Nguyen Tri Phuong, and traditional handicrafts, ornamental creatures and souvenirs on Nguyen Dinh Tuu.

A bustling trading atmosphere reported at the Ham Nghi specialised shopping street
A bustling trading atmosphere at the Ham Nghi specialised shopping street

More recently, a specialised shopping area offering digital and electronic products has been put into operation along a section of Ham Nghi Street, Thank Khe District. This venue is proving very popular with locals and visitors.

Currently, a total of more than 50 electronic and digital goods shops operating on Ham Nghi, making this downtown street an ideal venue for purchasing computers, cameras, and other digital products.

There are many renowned computer shops, such as Phi Long, Phong Vu, and Bach Khoa, plus numerous stores selling digital products with such famous brand names as Canon and Nikon.

The opening of such a specialised shopping area helps electronic and digital goods shops here enjoy higher consumption of their products than previously.

It is common to see the bustling atmosphere of trading activities at these stores along this busy street from early morning until midnight.

According to Mr Vo Kim Tu, the Head of Thanh Khe District Economics Office, the establishment of the Ham Nghi specialised shopping area is one of the major tasks set by the district authorities in active response to the city’s ongoing key campaign ‘2018: The Year of Investment Promotion’.

Since the start of this year, the district authorities have encouraged and facilitated family-run trading establishments which generate high turnovers to develop into private companies.

In the current context of land funds continuing shrinking due to urbanisation, the district is focusing on developing specialised shopping areas.

In the coming time, importance will be attached to accelerating administrative reforms and enhancing the information technology applications in offering public services in a bid to better serve local residents and businesses.

Noticeably, heed will be paid to handling online administrative procedures such as the granting of business registration licences and food hygiene certificates.