CPII Digital Expo features digital transformation solutions for benefits of citizens

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
April 20, 2021, 15:48 [GMT+7]

The launching of the Citizen Powered Innovation Initiative (CPII) Digital Expo is running on https://cpiivietnam.org. This is an online exhibition model developed from the Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI), a flagship governance program initiated by the United Nations Development Programs (UNDP) in Viet Nam since 2009.

CPII Digital Expo is running on
CPII Digital Expo is running on https://cpiivietnam.org

CPII Digital Expo is a highly interactive online platform which aims to identify, promote and help accelerate local initiatives that are committed by top leadership to foster governance innovation and digital transformation for the benefits of citizens, as well as foster provincial learning and capabilities on innovation to design, implement and monitor integrated solutions.

By encouraging highly innovative solutions in local areas, UNDP wishes to popularise “people in the center” mindset in governance, support Viet Nam and nations in realising Sustainable Development  Goals (SDGs) on The 2030 Agenda and leave no countries behind.

The Digital Expo is expected to be active from 2021 to 2025. During the period, UNDP and FSPPM anticipate collaborating and supporting 3-5 initiatives per year (12-20 initiatives altogether) to support innovative solutions for the citizen’s benefits. Each qualified initiative will receive advisory services and $US20,000 seed-funding per year to make use of for two years maximum. In addition, UNDP and FSPPM will design cross-coaching programs or invite relevant experts for provinces which share similar initiatives to exchange experience and insights for advancement of citizen-powered innovations in governance.

The first stage of CPII, expected to continue to run till August 2021, is taken charge of by UNDP in collaboration with Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management (FSPPM).

The goal in this stage is to build a Digital Expo for the provinces to display innovations in governance and digital transformation as well as shortlist initiatives for pilot experimentation or widespread replication.

Between May 5 and June 30, account registration and submissions of innovative solutions and ideas from across the country via the digital website will be accepted. All eligible submissions will be posted on the Digital Expo.

Between 1 July and August 1, a shortlist of 3 - 5 initiatives for preparing detailed proposal will be made.

Final proposals from three provinces submitted to UNDP on 31 August 2021 for funding in the next phase of the CPII.

Reporting by P. LAN – Translating by A.T