Gradual digitization of Da Nang's tourism aims to develop smart tourism

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
September 21, 2022, 18:01 [GMT+7]

Digital transformation has opened up new opportunities for Da Nang to get closer with key and potential tourism markets as well as create closer links with communications and technology service providers to boost the city’s tourism marketing strategies. Da Nang has made great efforts to boost digital transformation in tourism in order to create new tourism products to meet the growing demand from domestic and international tourists.

Digital transformation helps Da Nang get closer to new tourism markets. IN PHOTO: A tourist is taking an amazing virtual tour to explore Da Nang with the use of the VR360 One-touch application. Photo: THU HA
Digital transformation helps Da Nang get closer to new tourism markets. IN PHOTO: A tourist is taking an amazing virtual tour to explore Da Nang through the use of the VR360 One-touch application. Photo: THU HA

Mr  Nguyen Ngoc Anh, the Director of the Omega Travel Company Limited highlighted the importance of digital transformation in tourism in promoting tourism products of Da Nang, and that of Central Viet Nam as a whole, to around the world in a faster and more comprehensive manner. He stressed the need for digital transformation and technology applications in tourism businesses in the context of the fourth industrial revolution.

Mr. Ngoc Anh asked for more support from the Da Nang government to connect local tourism businesses with experienced providers offering digital transformation services and solutions to enable them to ensure a successful digital transformation, thereby helping them reach new customers as well as reduce operational costs. He also noted that digitalization in tourism will make the tourist business more flexible, adapted to modern conditions and competitive in a dynamic "digital world".

As part of the city’s digital transformation efforts in tourism, an upgraded version of the ‘One touch to Da Nang’ application that enables visitors around the world to explore the city from home have been recently launched. You can enjoy this fantastic virtual tour experience called ‘A Virtual Vacation in Da Nang’ at https://vr360.danangfantasticity.com/#tongquan_danang_1 where you can explore most of the city’s tourism attractions. The app offers two language options namely Vietnamese and English to domestic and foreign tourists in an attempt to inspire their future trips with virtual experiences and tours of some of the city's best natural and cultural spots.

The updated version which uses virtual reality and 360-degree videos offers real-life accuracy, as well as makes it easy for users around the world to access information about Da Nang’s tourism as well as enjoy a comprehensive experience.

In its first phase that lasted a year, the application attracted more than 18,000 visits.

The second phase of the application have made its debut with a one-year trial.

Da Nang is the first locality in Viet Nam to use virtual reality and 360-degree media technologies to promote its destination to domestic and foreign tourists.

Dr. Dang Thien Binh, the IT Director of the Bizverse Technology Joint Stock Company remarked that the company would continue to help the city improve the virtual visitors' experiences by adding more attractions such as museums and beaches to the updated digital tour. In addition, the metaverse will be used for the creation of one-stop service of the Da Nang Tourism Information Centre in the virtual environment.

Mr Tan Van Vuong, the Deputy Director of the Da Nang Department of Tourism said that Da Nang has been strengthening public-private partnerships in tourism services as well as boosting digital marketing in tourism to increase the presence of the city’s image on leading TV channels at both home and abroad. The heed will be paid to developing more apps to provide smart tourism experiences for domestic and international tourists in a bid to keep up with digital transformation trends in the global travel and hospitality industry.

In 2022, the city will attach the importance to engaging domestic and foreign tourists through immersive VR-360 technology to help them explore local attractions. The heed will be paid to boosting tourism marketing on TV channels in Viet Nam, and around the world as a whole, as well as boosting digital marketing in tourism to promote Da Nang destination. Furthermore, special attention will be paid to developing an integrated tourism e-commerce platform for travel agencies to support tourists and meet their interests.

Reporting by THU HA – Translating by H.L