Efforts to create land fund in industrial parks for Da Nang businesses

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
March 03, 2023, 15:23 [GMT+7]

Functional bodies in Da Nang are making every effort to review all projects behind schedule as well as speed up the expansion of new industrial parks (IPs) in a bid to create available land funds for local businesses.

Manufacturing activities at the Tokyo Keiki Precision Technology Co., Ltd based in the Da Nang Hi-Tech Park. Photo: Q.TRANG
Manufacturing activities at the Tokyo Keiki Precision Technology Co., Ltd based in the Da Nang Hi-Tech Park. Photo: Q.TRANG

Increased monitoring of land use

According to a report by the Authority of Da Nang Hi-Tech Park and Industrial Parks, the city currently has 6 IPs, one high-tech park, one centralised information technology park and one extended industrial cluster.

Specifically, the Hi-Tech Park has a total planning area of 1,128.4 ha, 329.96 ha of which are now available for lease. Its overall occupancy rate reaches 42.31%, in which the occupancy rate at the production area is 58.17%.

Six existing IPs have occupancy rate of 86.89%. Four of them: the Da Nang IP, the Hoa Khanh IP, the Da Nang Fisheries Service IP, and the Hoa Khanh Expanded IP, have been fully occupied. The occupancy rate of the Hoa Cam IP is 87.27% and that of the Lien Chieu IP 56.14%. The remaining area is 90.4ha.

Over the past time, the municipal government has continuously directed functional bodies to review the land fund in IPs and revoke leased land of delayed projects.

According to Mr. Vu Quang Hung, Head of the Authority of Da Nang Hi-Tech Park and IPs, licenced projects in the Hi-Tech Park, the Centralised Information Technology Park and other IPs are put under strict supervision in accordance with the law on investment.

Therefore, investors are required to comply with the investment schedule in accordance with the granted investment registration certificates. At the same time, they must submit periodic investment progress assessment reports to the management board as prescribed.

As for long-delayed projects, the Authority has written requests to the projects’ investors to urge them to put their projects into operation soon. In case investors are reluctant to put the project into operation as scheduled, the Authority will decide to revoke investment and construction licences in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Investment 2020.

“We have just issued and implemented Programme No. 325 /CTr-BQL dated February 23, 2023 to monitor the land use of projects in the High-Tech Park, the Centralised Information Technology Park and other IPs. The purpose of the programme is to monitor the implementation of projects in local IPs, and the land use of these projects, thereby improving the efficiency of land use and management, as well as guiding enterprises to complete documents related to the fields of investment, land and construction. The monitoring period is from February 27 to the completion date of the work", Mr. Hung informed.

Development of new IPs accelerated

According to the development orientation for IPs in the city in the coming time, Director of the municipal Department of Industry and Trade Le Thi Kim Phuong remarked that the city’s industry and trade sector plans to develop four new IPs, namely the Supporting Industrial Park project serving the Da Nang Hi-tech Park, the Hoa Cam IP Phase 2, the Hoa Nhon IP and the Hoa Ninh IP. Also, the unit will add 11 new IPs to the city’s planning project. The total area of 5 new industrial zones is expected to be about 1,227.58ha.

Particularly, priority will be given to attracting investment in IPs in the direction of intensive industries, and forming industrial clusters associated with existing IPs.

Importance will be attached to converting the Da Nang IP into the An Don Commercial Center and the Hoa Khanh IP into ecological one, and adjusting the planning of the Da Nang Fisheries Service IP in the direction of combining seafood processing and trade and logistics services.

Till date, the Management Board of Hi-tech and IP Infrastructure Development Projects has completed the estimation of planning tasks for the construction of hi-tech functional zones (the expansion area of the Hi-Tech Park project).

The municipal Department of Construction has approved the cost estimate of planning tasks. The local People's Committee has approved the plan to select contractors for the construction of subdivision planning tasks and organise consultations with units and residential communities on the planning tasks.

As for the IP expansion project, the municipal government has sent a dispatch to ask for consultancy from the Ministry of Science and Technology to implement the project because there are no specific instructions on the process of expanding the Hi-Tech Park.

With regard to the Supporting Industrial Park project serving the Da Nang Hi-tech Park, the Management Board is implementing legal procedures to soon put it into operation, hereby providing the land fund to investors.

Meanwhile, the development of technical infrastructure in the first phase at the Centralised Information Technology Park has been basically completed. The construction of the factory for manufacturing and assembling electronic equipment, the expert zone and the ecological park is underway.

In the second phase, the municipal People's Committee requests the Information Technology Park Development JSC to coordinate with the Department of Planning and Investment and the Ministry of Planning and Investment to carry out procedures for adjusting investment certificates and investment policy decisions.

Currently, the municipal People’s Committee has written to the Department of Planning and Investment to propose a bidding plan to select suitable investors for the Hoa Cam IP in accordance with the law.

Great efforts are being made to review 3 types of forests in the city for the development of the Hoa Ninh IP, and adjust the planning area of the Hoa Nhon IP to 237ha from 360ha.

In the near future, 9 new IPs, with a total area of 587ha, will be developed in Hoa Vang District.

Reporting by QUYNH TRANG - Translating by M.DUNG