Da Nang releases plans to organise exciting events in 2022

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
January 13, 2022, 10:59 [GMT+7]

The Da Nang People's Committee has just issued an official dispatch to organise cultural activities and festivals along the both sides of the Han River in 2022.

Accordingly, from January to December 2022, periodic outstanding activities will mainly be held on weekends such as shows of street dance, music, magic tricks and Tuong (classical drama), and traditional music and arts performance clusters.

Annual activities will be organised with various forms of arts performances, experience activities, tours and exhibitions to celebrate the Lunar New Year 2022 and national and municipal holidays.

Funding for organising cultural activities and festivals along the both sides of the Han River will be from the municipal budget and private financial sources.

In addition, based on the pandemic situation at the planned organisation times, relevant local agencies must ensure the strict practice of safety measures against COVID-19 in accordance with the regulations of the national and municipal governments.

In particular, competent agencies shall renovate the method of organising activities in terms of content and form, ensuring their breakthroughs, novelty and attractiveness.

Besides, heed must be paid to increasing interaction with the audience through activities based on digital platform technologies.

The aim is to increase communication efficiency, safe and flexible adaptation to COVID-19 developments, thereby ensuring organisational effectiveness towards the formation of unique cultural products along the both sides of the Han River.

Reporting by XUAN DUNG – Translating by A. THU