DNIM 2022 set to return in-person on March 20

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
March 16, 2022, 11:30 [GMT+7]

After going virtual for the last two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Manulife Da Nang International Marathon (DNIM) 2022 will make its in-person return on March 20 and thousands are getting ready to hit the streets. This year's in-person race is set to welcome around 5,000 runners, of whom, more than 65% come from other parts of the country.

Runners in an in- person previous race
Foreign runners in a previous in- person marathon race.

The Da Nang Marathon is the first professional marathon in Viet Nam to be certified by IAAF - AIMS (International Association of Athletics Federations and Association of International Marathons and Distance Races).

The Da Nang Marathon, an annual large-scale running event, attracts highest number of international runners who account for 30% of the total’s athletes in annual race.

According to the event’s organizers, DNIM 2023 is likely to attract about 4,000 international athletes as Viet Nam fully re-opened to international tourists on March 15, 2022 after a two-year border closure due to the pandemic. DNIM is a gold opportunity for Da Nang to advertise its culture, people and beauty to international friends.

As part of a long-term plan to reduce the environmental impacts of the annual DNIM, its organizers will use environmentally friendly awards made from recycled materials. Focus will be on designing trophies and accessory bags that will be made entirely from recycled materials.

Da Nang is making thorough and careful preparations for welcoming thousands of athletes who will compete in the long-awaited in-person international sports event. It is promised to be one of the opening events for the impressive recovery of Da Nang tourism in the coming time.

As planned, DNIM 2022 will kick off with an opening ceremony to be held at the main stage of East Sea Park on the afternoon of March 19. The race will officially start on the morning of March 20.

DNIM 2022 will comprise 4 races: a 42,195 km full marathon, a 21.0975km half marathon, a 10km run, and a 5km run.

The route of the full and half marathon races will be the East Sea Park - Vo Nguyen Giap - Nguyen Van Thoai - Tran Thi Ly Bridge – extended Bach Dang -  Nhu Nguyet - Thuan Phuoc Bridge - Le Duc Tho - Hoang Sa - Le Van Luong - Hoang Sa - Vo Nguyen Giap - the East Sea Park, with marathon entrants doing 2 laps.

As for the 10km run, the route will be the East Sea Park - Vo Nguyen Giap - the intersection of Nguyen Van Thoai, Vo Nguyen Giap and Hoang Sa streets - Hoang Sa - Vo Nguyen Giap - the East Sea Park.

With regard to the 5km run, the route will be the East Sea Park - Vo Nguyen Giap - the intersection of Phan Ba Phien and Hoang Sa streets - Vo Nguyen Giap - the East Sea Park.

Besides, Ronny Dash – a 1.5 km race for kids aged between 3 and 10 will take place at the East Sea Park. This exciting event aims at encouraging children to be more active, healthy, and show their love with Da Nang.

Reporting by NGUYEN AN – Translating by H.L