Viet Solutions 2021 contest launched

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
June 16, 2021, 17:43 [GMT+7]

Viet Solutions 2021 carries the theme of ‘Collaboration to Create a Digital Society’, and the contest is open to organisations and individuals in Viet Nam and around the world.

Co-organised by the Vietnamese Ministry of Information and Communications and Military-run telecommunications company Viettel Group, the contest aims to seek best technology products and solutions that help drive national digital transformation.

The annual technology contest welcomes entries involved in ten categories: health care, education, finance-banking, agriculture, transportation - logistics, energy, natural resources - environment, industrial production , entertainment – utilities, and business management.

Entries for Viet Solutions 2021 will be accepted until August 15, and all entries must be submitted through website at www.vietsolutions.net.vn.

The winning entries will sequentially be available to the public on www.vietsolutions.net.vn.

Viet Solutions has developed into a global contest with many products from countries strong in IT and digital technologies such as the US, France, South Korea, and India.

The total value of all prizes available to win in this year’s contest will be three times higher than last year, and entrants will have a chance to cooperate with Viettel in the future with 75 percentage of the profit-​sharing.

The entrants who obtained the best results in qualifying rounds will be trained to develop their entrepreneurial skills by experts from the top economics schools in the world like Harvard, international angel investors and famous CEOs.

Reporting by TRIEU TUNG – Translating by H.L