Da Nang sees highlights of IT application in administrative reform

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
February 10, 2022, 12:41 [GMT+7]

Many Da Nang-based national agencies have speeded up administrative reform with many positive results, especially the application of information technology (IT) in management. Prominent amongst the list of national agencies claiming the leading positions in the national administrative reform ranking are the Viet Nam Social Security, the General Department of Viet Nam Customs and the Viet Nam State Treasury.

The Da Nang branch of the Viet Nam Social Security (VSS) staff (right) handle administrative procedures for citizens at the ‘One-stop-shop’ section of the Da Nang Administrative Center.
The Da Nang branch of the Viet Nam Social Security (VSS) staff (right) handle administrative procedures for citizens at the ‘One-stop-shop’ section of the Da Nang Administrative Centre.

At the Da Nang Customs Department, many IT systems to support the implementation of business processes have been deployed effectively.

This agency has deployed the E-Customs system (V5), the tax accounting system, Taxable price data management information system (GTT02 System), the HS code system, violation and risk management systems, the E-manifest system, STQ, the online public service system, the 24/7 electronic tax payment, the import and export goods statistics system, the Viet Nam Automated System for Seaport Customs Management (VASSCM) and the human resource management innovation support system.

In a similar vein, the Da Nang branch of the State Treasury of Viet Nam has focused on deploying the document interface with 2% value-added tax deduction from DTKB/LAN to the TCS system.

Also, the agency has built utilities to support treasury operations in parallel with setting up an online customer satisfaction rating system and promoting the MegaSync cloud-based synchronization tool to synchronize, store documents.

Director of the Da Nang branch of the State Treasury of Viet Nam Phan Quang Thong, said that 2021 was the first time that this agency had provided 100% of the procedures through online public services at a level 4, the highest level in Viet Nam’s online public service system.

100% of the subjects are required to participate in online public services and the number of monthly transactions of State budget expenditure vouchers on the public service system reached over 99%.

Likewise, the Da Nang branch of the Viet Nam Social Security (VSS) has promoted public services in the field of social and health insurance on the national public service portal in Cam Le District and built software to support revenue collection.

In particular, 100% of the social insurance collection operations have been digitally performed at levels 3, 4.

The first level comprises public services that provide online access to all information regarding such services as procedures, required papers, deadlines, fees and service charges.

Public services in the second level meet all criteria of the first group, in addition to allowing users to download forms and sample documents to be filled out at home before they are submitted to competent authorities.

The third level includes public services of the second group that also allows online submission of the papers, while still requiring users to pay fees and service charges at the relevant government bodies.

Public services falling into the fourth level are those in the third group that have an integrated online payment system. Processed papers are sent to users via mail or the Internet without requiring their presence at a public body at any stage during the procedure. Service payments can be settled online at the fourth level.

Besides, the construction of the social insurance database is progressing well, thereby creating a basis for fully using the electronic social insurance book.

According to Director of Da Nang branch of VSS Dinh Van Hiep, the unit is implementing an effective application of ‘VssID-Digital Social Insurance - a mobile application of the VSS’, thereby creating maximum convenience for participants and beneficiaries of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance policies.

The VssID app, which is available on IOS and Android platforms, provides users with information on social insurance and health insurance mechanisms and policies, social insurance engagement history, social insurance codes, medical facilities accepting social insurance as well as places for paying insurance premiums.

Up to now, 515,651 people have installed the VssID app, reaching 104% of the target assigned by the VSS.

Reporting by TRONG HUY – Translating by A.THU