Da Nang Parking - an app helps you get the best spot

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
August 11, 2022, 23:12 [GMT+7]

Since its debut in late March 2022, the Da Nang Parking software has allowed users to easily look up parking lots, places and routes where stopping and parking are prohibited, and parking violations, as well as regularly update information and announcements of the Department of Transport. It is now deployed on the web-based platform and the mobile app.

The Da Nang Parking app on smartphones
The Da Nang Parking app on smartphones

Parking assistance

Currently, car parking is a serious problem in densely populated cities, so how to manage parking efficiently, economically and conveniently is always a major headache for urban managers in general and owners of parking lots and drivers in particular.

In Da Nang, drivers have found it difficult in finding parking spaces in the inner city due to the exceptional growth in the number of four-wheeled vehicles over the past few years.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Danh, a white-collar worker in Cam Le District, said that it was extremely difficult for him to find an empty parking space on downtown streets.

Recently, he has been introduced to the Da Nang Parking app by his friend who is a technology rider.

As shared by Mr. Danh, the easy-to-use app visually displays information, parking map, and no stopping and no parking areas and routes. In addition, he sometimes uses the app to check if he has any parking violation.

“Just type out the license plate, if there is a violation, it will be displayed in detail with the location and image on the map. Not to mention, in my free time, I also update the road traffic situation and the latest policies and regulations on banning parking in the city” added Mr. Danh.

According to the city’s Da Nang Traffic Lights and Public Transport Management Centre (DATRAMAC) - the app operator, the Da Nang Parking system is a solution built to support the management and monitoring of parking status at roadside parking positions, public parking lots, and no stopping and no parking areas and routes in the city.

Also, the app has a wealth of features, including updating data on locations of parking lots, the number of available parking spaces, and areas and routes where parking and stopping are banned; along with helping users easily and quickly look up information, and monitor and automatically detect parking violations through camera images using artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

With the app, the authorities can quickly detect and handle parking violations, reduce the load for patrol work, and easily summarise statistics on parking situation, and toll collection of parking lots and parking violations in the city.

This app is also an effective support tool for the authorities in sanctioning violations of parking at the wrong place.

Contributing to building a smart city

The Parking Monitoring Project aims to build a system for managing illegal parking through camera-caught images. The system is capable of integrating existing cameras of the Department of Transport in addition to some newly-installed cameras.

At the same time, the system proves a flexible and responsive data sharing and integration solution that meets its openness, as well as helps enhance the efficiency of exploiting the existing camera system, increase the ability to connect and share data, and avoid redundancy and duplication between systems.

Deputy Director in charge of the municipal Department of Transport Bui Hong Trung said that as part of a project to build Da Nang into a smarter city, the Parking Monitoring project is one of the important steps in enhancing the application of science and technology and information technology in patrolling, monitoring and handling violations of parking in the city.

In addition to supporting the authorities in the management and handling of illegal stopping and parking, the project significantly contributes to raising the awareness of road users about voluntarily obeying the law in order to reduce the situation of stopping and parking at the wrong places, and ease traffic jams.

Reporting by QUYNH TRANG - Translating by M.DUNG