DanaMap - an emergency vehicle tracking app

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
August 02, 2022, 18:24 [GMT+7]

Most recently, the Da Nang Department of Information and Communications has partnered with the municipal Department of Health, the Emergency Centre (115), the Da Nang Fire Prevention and Fighting and Rescue Police Division (114) and the Urban Environment JSC to deploy an app, called DanaMap, to manage and monitor the operation of ambulances, fire engines and garbage trucks in the city.

The app allows users to track routes of ambulances and fire engines assigned to do tasks after making phone calls to the Emergency Centre (115), as well as permit agencies and management units to manage each task and route of ambulances and improve the quality of management and professional operations in a more accurate and intelligent manner.

DanaMap not only helps users perform calculations and analyses based on the collected information, but also integrates with medical equipment to shorten travel time of ambulances so as to ensure that the opportunity to save victims’ lives is maximized.

The DanaMap app
The DanaMap app

Smart and optimized support features

According to an expert from the Phenikaa MaaS Technology JSC, the developer of Viet Nam's top free public transportation application BusMap which has been applied to major cities in the country, most of domestic transport enterprises have not yet applied professional solutions to locate and manage vehicles due to their familiarity with manual operation method and fear over high investment costs.

Therefore, the company has launched its ‘Smart Mobility’ solution package with the aim of helping transport firms and management units automatically manage their vehicles to save time and human resources, improve operational efficiency as well as accelerate their digital transformation process.

Accordingly, the app features a website version for system administrators and a mobile version, which is now available on the App Store and CH Play for installation or is integrated on the Danang Smart City app, for people and businesses.

For instance, after making a phone call to the authorities to report their medical problems, users can access the app to monitor the schedule of ambulances. Shortly after receiving an ambulance request, the operators can immediately identify and assign the ambulance at the location closest to the patient.

The app also allows users to comment and get feedback about hospitals, medical facilities and ambulances right on the mobile version.

Besides ambulances, the app helps users to keep track of fire engines and garbage trucks in real time. Users can get notifications about timelines of routes, transportation speed, and real-time arrival of these vehicles.  

Specifically, the app will immediately provide the specific location and necessary information about the fire on the map, thereby contributing to ensuring the efficiency of fire truck arrangement.

As for the Da Nang Urban Environment JSC, the app helps to support detailed monitoring of the entire travel route of garbage collection trucks in the city, from there, detecting and offering solutions to improve service quality.

More than just a vehicle management app

As shared by Deputy Director of the municipal Department of Information and Communications Tran Ngoc Thach, DanaMap not only improves the operational efficiency of management units and transport vehicles but also forms an overall data management system for the Smart City Operation Monitoring Centre to monitor and track operating information of vehicle systems throughout the city, as well as support the coordination between units and vehicle systems in case of emergency.

A spokesperson for the Department of Information and Communications informed that, in the coming time, the department will continue to get feedback from public service users in order to deploy more advanced professional features for the app. Included will be video surveillance and remote examination systems on ambulances, smart emergency switchboard systems integrated with local patient databases, and the fastest and most accurate navigation system for fire trucks.

Through this app, Da Nang will promote digital transformation in managing and improving the quality of public transport services, hereby significantly contributing to boosting the development of a smart transport ecosystem in the city.

Reporting by QUYNH TRANG - Translating by M.DUNG