Da Nang strives to effectively implement tasks for digital transformation in 2024

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
May 08, 2024, 17:30 [GMT+7]

Under its Plan No. 93/KH-UBND dated April 15, 2024 on implementing digital transformation tasks in 2024, Da Nang rolls out 48 targets for digital transformation in 2024, with a focus on unlocking new growth drivers.

Programmers participating in the AI Hackathon Competition which was co-organised by Da Nang Business Incubator, the Google Developer Group MienTrung and the municipal Department of Science and Technology in late 2023. Photo: M.Q
Programmers participating in the AI Hackathon Competition which was co-organised by Da Nang Business Incubator, the Google Developer Group MienTrung and the municipal Department of Science and Technology in late 2023. Photo: M.Q

Positive results from digital transformation

Da Nang is considered a typical example of digital data development. Accordingly, 94% of the city’s total public administrative procedures were provided online.

Da Nang is the first locality to build and deploy an electronic data warehouse for individuals and organisations on the digital citizen platform at https://congdanso.danang.gov.vn/, allowing each citizen to proactively submit digitized documents such as citizen identification cards, passports and driver's licenses into the electronic data warehouse.

When using online public services, people do not have to re-declare or submit additional documents already saved in the data warehouse. The solution contributes to enhancing quality and efficiency in providing online public services to people towards forming a digital citizen and developing a digital society.

Da Nang is also a typical example of implementing online public services with the goal that 100% of administrative procedures eligible to be provided online will go online, creating the most convenience for citizens.

To date, 98% of the total administrative procedures have been provided as full online public service. The city has issued a resolution on a policy to reduce fees when performing public services online, reducing up to 50% of time taken for handling online documents compared to in-person service.

In particular, Da Nang has actively implemented the main task assigned by the National Digital Transformation Committee of implementing a model of a typical digital transformation city.

Accordingly, Da Nang has deployed 12 digital transformation models, including digital transformation associated with major policies and goals about the city’s development; digital transformation in the entire political system; digital transformation in the city’s specific areas; IOC model and specialised district supervision and administration centre; a warehouse for digital administrative procedure results and a citizen data warehouse; system for handling administrative procedures; free LoRa radio network to mobilise the community to develop digital services and utilities; blockchain platform to support people and businesses in sharing; deploying software and information technology parks to develop the digital economy; deploying Danang Smartcity multi-utility application; and digital journey platform using positioning, shortening emergency time.

Focus on tasks in 2024

According to Plan No. 93/KH-UBND, there are 48 digital transformation targets including 20 targets for digital government, 12 for digital economy, and 16 for digital society. Among them, 23 targets are set by the city itself.

Notably, many of the city’s targets were soon completed or exceeded the national results in 2023.

Specifically, 94% of public administrative records were provided online, while the city's target for 2025 is 90% (60% nationwide). 100% of reports of State administrative agencies were carried out online (50% nationwide). The proportion of digital economy in GRDP was 19.76% (14% nationwide). 98.8% of households had broadband Internet fiber optic lines (85% nationwide). 100% of people aged 15 and over had bank transaction accounts (75% nationwide).

In addition, the abovementioned plan sets out 11 digital transformation goals: digital institutions, digital infrastructure, digital human resources, digital awareness, basic digital platforms, digital data, cybersecurity, digital government, digital economy, digital society, implementing Decision No. 06/QD-TTg dated January 6, 2022 of the Prime Minister on approving the project to develop population data applications, and electronic identification and authentication for national digital transformation in the 2022-2025 period with a vision to 2030 (Project 06).

Mr. Nguyen Quang Thanh, Director of the municipal Department of Information and Communications, said that during the year, the department will advise the City People's Committee to promulgate policies to support the activities of the Community Digital Technology Group and Project 06; support and popularise smartphones for poor and near-poor households; and implement a project "Development of semiconductor chips and microcircuits in the city".

In 2024, the Ministry of Information and Communications prioritises supporting and accompanying the city in implementing a number of specific solutions, including adding international fiber optic cable stations; promoting the use of digital signatures and trust services; analysing the digital economy in industries and fields and recommend specific solutions and tasks; using personal data warehouses and electronic interactive forms in providing online public services; and connecting and using population databases and specialised databases in management, administration and socio-economic development in Da Nang.

Reporting by MAI QUE - Translating by M.DUNG