36,600 units of blood donated last year

Published: June 18, 2018

More than 36,600 units of blood were collected from a total of 42,000 people across Da Nang, together accounting for 2.9% of the city’s population, through 124 blood donation campaigns. Over 22,000 of them donated many times.

The donations helped to fully meet the demand of the local hospitals for blood to use in emergencies and general treatment.

The city now has a total of 31 blood donation clubs, teams and family clubs with a total of 2,600 members.

Their members donated a total of over 7,100 units, representing 19.6% of the total collected over the past year.

In particular, many of them donated about 3,000 units of blood in total to use in emergencies, which helped to promptly save the lives of many patients suffering from severe diseases.

The figures mentioned above were released at a recent meeting to review the performance of the voluntary blood donation campaigns in the city in 2017.

Speaking at the event, municipal People’s Committee Vice Chairman Ho Ky Minh praised the generous blood donors for their noble gestures over the past year. 

He remarked that, thanks to their donations, many life-threatening instances of blood shortage have been successfully dealt with.

It is hoped that the city would see a significant increase in the number of blood donors in the future which will save many lives in very critical cases.

Also, information technology applications should be promoted in storing information on blood donation campaign in a more effective manner in the coming time.  

By the end of this year, the city is expected to have collected a total of 36,000 units of blood, with 60% of the total donors donating again.

The city is aiming to ensure that, by the end of 2020, 3.5% of the local population who fall within the blood donation age range will be donating, and 60% of existing donors will be willing to donate again.

To mark the occasion, Certificates of Merit from the Viet Nam Red Cross Society (VRCS) were presented to 2 individuals in recognition of their active involvement in encouraging residents to participate in the voluntary blood donation campaigns over the past year.

In a similar vein, Certificates of Merit from the municipal People’s Committee went to 35 outstanding units and 19 individuals.