'Greening guidelines' for 6th GEF Assembly participants

Published: June 22, 2018

Activities within the frameworks of the 6th Assembly of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) will take place at the Ariyana Convention and Exhibition Centre of the Furama Resort Danang from 23 - 29 June, unveiled the Office of the Vietnamese Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment.


A series of events are planned for besides the GEF Assembly, such as the GEF Council Meeting, 3 high-level opening plenary sessions, 14 interactive high-level round tables, some forums and meetings of socio-political organisations, 17 technical meetings of GEF units, about 70 sideline events, along with exhibitions and fact-finding trips funded by the GEF.

More details on this large-scale international-level event are now available at https://assembly.thegef.org/vietnam.

The GEF is committed to minimising the environmental impact of the 6th GEF Assembly.

These measures include providing low carbon and locally sourced meals served with reusable dishware, facilitating recycling and donation of food waste to nearby farms, providing water stations instead of distributing bottled water, minimising printing and single use packaging, minimising takeaway items (‘gifts’), encouraging travel emission offsets, sharing WWF-Viet Nam’s guidance on How to be a Responsible Tourist in Viet Nam, and calculating the GEF Assembly carbon footprint.

As a part of that commitment, the GEF has developed the following ‘greening guidelines’ for Assembly participants.

In detail, low carbon transport is an important means of reducing carbon emissions; hence the Assembly attendees are encouraged to use mass transit, bicycles, carpool, or walk wherever possible. For participants not staying at the Furama, shuttle service will be provided throughout the week.

With regard to the use of printed documents, exhibiting organisations are asked to bring as few printed materials as possible, while participants are requested to take flyers and brochures only when necessary.

The recycling of materials after use is encouraged and the delegates should refrain from using laminated, glossy and coated paper, as they are not typically recyclable.

Exhibitors are encouraged to leave no materials behind. In addition to the environmental incentive, Agencies should be aware that the Furama Resort will assess a fee for disposal of any remaining items.

Takeaway items must be durable, reusable, and useful, and single-use plastics should not be avoided at all costs.

In an effort to reduce the use of plastic bottles, the hosting hotel will provide water stations throughout the Assembly.

For the Assembly meal service, which includes lunch and snacks, a low carbon diet and sustainably sourced seafood (based on WWF-Viet Nam recommendations) will be provided.

Last, but not least, in an effort to reduce the use of plastic bottles, the hotel will provide water stations throughout the Assembly.

The GEF 6’s Reception Sub-Committee has suggested the Ariyana Convention and Exhibition Centre to use solar water heating equipment to serve delegates. As for lighting, the smart lighting control system under which lights can turn off automatically when the room is unoccupied will be utilised.