Da Nang volunteers make hands-free sanitiser dispensers

By VNA / DA NANG Today
August 21, 2020, 09:26 [GMT+7]

A group of volunteers in Da Nang have raised funds to make more than 200 automatic, hands-free hand sanitiser dispensers which were given to disease prevention and control teams across the city.

A woman uses Weekend Club's touchless hand santiliser dispenser at Khanh Hoa market, Da Nang  (Photo: VNA)
A woman uses Weekend Club's touchless hand santiliser dispenser at Khanh Hoa market, Da Nang (Photo: VNA)

The dispensers aim to help curb the spread of COVID-19 which broke out in the city since late last month, resulting in Viet Nam's largest COVID-19 outbreak to date.

Responding to the resurgence of COVID-19 in the central city, people of different ages working in different fields wanted to join the fight against the disease.

They established a voluntary group called Weekend Club to help out in their free time.

Pham Duc Duong, a founding member of the group, said that Weekend Club’s members donated money and also sought donations to make the hands-free hand sanitiser dispensers.

With a sensor system, the machine automatically releases hand sanitiser gel when people put their hands under the faucet.

“People don’t have to press any button or touch the machine,” Duong said.

The machines use rechargeable batteries so they can be placed anywhere without requiring a power source, he said.

It costs about 1.5 million VND (65 USD) to buy materials for one machine which members of the group then assemble.

Nguyen Nam Dinh, a volunteer, said the machine made of iron looked quite steady. A machine includes a box with an electronic board inside, a sensor placed next to a faucet, a battery charging set and a bar to put a hand sanitiser bottle on.

He said that with a height of 1.2 metres, the machines were quite convenient to use.

“Each machine can be used continuously and after their batteries are recharged, they can release gel about 8,000 times,” Dinh said.

Ho Ky Nam, a member of the COVID-19 prevention and control team in Hoa Khanh Market, said that the machines were very convenient and effective.

Before entering the market, people had to queue to wash their hands, Nam said, adding that the automatic hand sanitiser dispenser helped them clean hands quickly and safely, minimising the risk of infection.

“It’s easy to move the machine, very convenient,” Nam said.

A local resident in Lien Chieu District, Le Thi Phuong, said that she usually went to Hoa Khanh Market and found the hands-free dispenser very useful.

Those using it kept a safe distance from each other and did not have to touch anything to clean their hands, which made them feel safer, she said.

Duong, head of the voluntary group, said that besides the automatic hand sanitiser dispensers, the group also donated 60 thermometers worth more than 70 million VND (3,031 USD) to disease prevention and control teams across the city.

This week, the group is providing 200 free meals for student volunteers in the city.

Duong said that the group was calling for more supports so that they could make more hand dispensers for public use.

He said famous footballers including Bui Tien Dung, Ha Duc Chinh, Nguyen Quang Hai, Doan Van Hau and Nguyen Dac Van gave the group 50 million VND to make the dispensers while they also donated another 250 million VND for the city’s disease prevention and control activities.

Source: VNA