Rain and cold continues to grip Da Nang

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
December 19, 2022, 11:19 [GMT+7]

Viet Nam’s National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting said on Sunday afternoon that Northern Viet Nam and North Central Coast are likely to see scattered light fog in the early morning but no rain is forecast for during night hours across these areas, on Monday and Tuesday.

Freezing temperatures are expected to continue to grip these areas with the chance of ice and salt-frost for their mountainous areas. Temperatures will remain cold in the Northern region and North Central Coast until December 28.

Scattered rain is predicted for the parts from Quang Binh to Khanh Hoa, including Da Nang.

Scattered showers and a chance for some isolated thunderstorms is in forecast for the parts from Ha Tinh to Khanh Hoa, including Da Nang, on Wednesday and from Saturday into next Monday, December 26.

On Monday, a warning for northeasterly winds at level 5, sometimes at level 6, and the gusts reaching levels 7 to 8, rough seas with waves as high as 3-6 m is issued to the open waters off the Quang Tri – Quang Ngai Coast, including Da Nang. The Northern part of the East Sea (including the waters of the Hoang Sa Islands) could see strong northeasterly winds of levels 6 to 7, gustiness of levels 8 to 9, rough seas with waves as high as 4-6 m.

National forecasters also issue a warning for strong winds and big waves to all vessels operating at the above mentioned areas.

On Monday, the sky with little clouds but no rain during night hours are expected in the northern part of the region from Thanh Hoa to Thua Thien-Hue with early morning fog likely in some places while isolated rain is in forecast for the southern part of the region. North to northwest winds at level 3 could reach these areas. Maximum temperatures in these areas are expected to hover around 17-20 degrees Celsius, and even above 20 degrees Celsius in some places while minimum temperature will be in the range of 9-12 degrees Celsius and 12-15 degrees Celsius in the northern and southern part of the region, respectively.

Today expects the sky to remain mostly cloudy over the parts from Da Nang to Binh Thuan with a chance for scattered rain likely in some places. By the coastal areas they will see high winds at levels 4 to 5, and gustiness of levels 6 to 7 and farther inland you could find gradually increasing northeasterly wind at level 3. Temperatures in these areas can expect lows of 16 to 19 degrees Celsius and 20 to 23 degrees in the northern and southern part of the region, respectively, and highs of 19 to 22 degrees Celsius in the northern part, and 25 to 28 degrees Celsius in the southern part, even above  29 degrees Celsius at isolated locations. The coolest temperatures are in the early morning and at night across the region.

Central Highlands is likely to experience cloudy skies with isolated rain on Monday. North to Northeasterly winds at levels 3 to 4 could reach the region. Maximum and minimum temperatures will hover around 22-25 degrees Celsius, even above 25 degrees Celsius at isolated places, and 14-17 degrees Celsius, respectively.

Reporting by HOANG HIEP- Baotintuc – translating by H.L