Take glance at unique architecture of Tung Son ancient oratory

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
October 16, 2023, 11:17 [GMT+7]

At the age of nearly 200, the Tung Son ancient oratory, located in Hoa Son Commune, Hoa Vang District, about 20 km west of the Da Nang centre, still retains its ancient and unique beauty and is one of the most ancient of its kind in the city. 

 The time-honoured features of Tung Son ancient oratory. Photo: H.L
The time-honoured features of Tung Son ancient oratory. Photo: H.L

It is a place for the Tung Son Catholic followers in the Phu Thuong Parish to perform their religious rituals and practices.

The over 15,000m2 oratory faces the south-east direction. It has been well preserved since its last refurbishment in 1989.

The around 15m-high oratory features French Gothic architecture, with a total of three 3.9m-high entrance gates. It is a good place for the Catholic followers to perform their religious rituals and practices.

According to local people, the church was built around 1904. Inside the sanctuary there are 14 wooden pillars and 17 small windows. Like many other churches in Vietnam, Tung Son ancient oratory was built according to Gothic architecture with symmetrical axes.

Previously, the oratory had been covered by yin-yang roof tiles which were then replaced by normal ones during the last refurbishment progress.

The main entrance to the church is 3 large doors shaped like pointed arches, with a bell tower located above the gate system.

The architecture inside the ceremony grounds is quite elegant with a system of large wooden columns and wide windows to allow natural light to come teeming into this inside space.

In addition to being deeply imbued with Western-style Gothique design, the Tung Son ancient oratory also blends indigenous architectural features with the traditional Vietnamese red tile roof.

The sanctuary area and altars, windows and main door are all decorated with carved wooden patterns and solemn gilded lacquers.

Behind the church is a system of doors with dome-shaped spires, bell towers, ventilation boxes with many beautiful motifs.

In particular, after hundreds of years, the architectural lines and worship objects have been almost intact thanks to preservation efforts by local residents.

Located far from the city centre, Tung Son ancient oratory not only has unique architecture but also preserves many cultural values of Catholic people.

The space is not too large but is attractive because of its elegant, ancient lines through the layer of moss on the architectural surface. However, due to the ravage of time, this majestic architectural work shows signs of deterioration.

Reporting by HUYNH LE – Translating by A.THU