IT businesses face severe shortage of skilled human resources

By DA NANG Today
Published: September 17, 2018

In recent times, Da Nang has seen growing number of domestic and foreign information technology (IT) investors, which help partly to spur the demand for human resources working for this lucrative aspect. In addition, the arrivals of new industries such as artificial intelligence and block chain now create a ‘headache’ for IT businesses in recruiting highly qualified employees.

: Many IT businesses are taking the initiative to offer training to its already-recruited employees
Many IT businesses are taking the initiative to offer training to its already-recruited employees

According to online resources for job seekers, many software businesses operating in the city have had a large number of job recruitment adverts posted in the Internet for IT positions. Da Nang is now attracting a rising number of IT investors from Japan and Europe, as well as the establishment of city branches of businesses which are headquartered in Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi.

Since its official operation in late 2017, the Japan-invested Est Rouge Technologies company, specialising in offering website design and development services, has been seeking strongly qualified candidates for a variety of job positions, including high-end mobile programmers, programmers of PHP which is a server-side scripting language designed for web development, but also used as a general-purpose programming language, front-end developers, and high-level software testers.

In a similar vein, NFQ Asia, which belongs to the NFQ Group on Germany, specialising in providing mobile solutions and website development services, is preparing to open an office in Da Nang, saying it is focusing on recruiting employees for the posts of project managers technical team leader, and senior programmers.

Apart from foreign-invested companies, locally-invested ones are also looking for new employees, Le Tri Hai, the CEO of the city-based Toan Cau Xanh company (Green Global), said that in order to prepare for many projects in the coming time, his company is in desperate need of a large number of employees involved in artificial intelligence, image processing and mobile programming.

According to latest figures released by the municipal Department of Information and Communications, There are a total of more than 2,000 IT graduates across the city each year. Meanwhile, in the software and digital content industries only, it is expected that, by 2020, these aspects will employ an additional 10,000 people, and by 2025, this figures is expected to reach 30,500.

In addition to business expansion activities, the emergence of such new industries as artificial intelligence, block chain, network security, mobile app development, video game programming and 3D design is partly attributed to a growing demand for high-quality human resources.

Ms Nguyen Nhu Hanh, who is in charge of human resources-related affairs at the Hai Chau District-located B.A.P company, noted that her firm now still finds it tough to seek those who are highly qualified the blockchain segment. Last year, the company recruited 15 blockchain employees, but now only 6 of them are now working here, whilst the remaining ones were ruled out after a harsh selection process.

Many IT businesses have employed numerous talented graduates from prestigious local universities and junior colleges meeting its recruitment requirements, and then offered many training courses for their new recruits in a bid to enhance their professional skills for the sake of the companies’ progress.

Truong Dinh Toan, the Director of the Son Tra District-based Asian Tech company said his business offers 3 internship courses each year for outstanding students from prestigious local universities and junior colleges.

Currently, local universities and colleges are focusing on providing their IT students with international standard training programmes in a bid to help them meet tough job recruitment requirements after their graduation.

Through their bilateral cooperation programmes, the universities of Duy Tan, Economics, and Science and Technology are facilitating their students to attend internships at some IT companies, in addition to the organisation of IT festivals and other related events.

From now until late this year, the Da Nang Software Association will conduct a survey about the real demand for human resources at IT companies.