'Ngoi Nha Nho' - a fascinating drawing class for children

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
July 27, 2019, 11:10 [GMT+7]

During the school summer holiday, many of Da Nang’s pupils are encouraged to play such sports as martial arts, football, basketball and badminton in a bid to improve their physical strengths.

A child learner embroidering at the ‘Ngoi Nha Nho’ class
A child learner embroidering at the ‘Ngoi Nha Nho’ class

Besides, some children who love arts and crafts have the opportunity to attend short-term drawing classes during the school holiday in order to satisfy their hobbies and interests.

The ‘Ngoi Nha Nho’ (Small House) drawing class is a great place for children to develop their creative expression and personal sensitivity.

Located at 50 Nguyen Chi Thanh in Hai Chau District, the class is accessible to all children from 7 to 17 years old. Pupils will pay 800,000 VND/ month for studying two 4-hour-lasting sessions per week.

During their painting courses, children will discover the fascinating world of colour through an approach focused on the expression of their creativity. Through basic and structured learning on the chromatic circle, the manufacturing of colours, tones, contrasts, the composition and the types of lines, they will explore painting through movement and rhythm.

At the same time, they will use several instruments to manipulate the gouache and rise. These sensorial experiences will help to develop their imagination and curiosity to create their original and surprising works in the field of abstraction and figuration.

More interestingly, the ‘Ngoi Nha Nho’ class is offering a short-term drawing course in combination with embroidery course. The tuition fee of the 8-session course is 1.5 million VND per person.

Under the course, learners will be taught how to paint simple objects with watercolours in the first 2 or 3 sessions.

In the next 2 studying sessions, they will learn 10 basic hand embroidery stitches such as backstitch, split stitch, chain stitch, and fishbone stitch.

In the remaining studying sessions, children will embroider their own paintings on cloths which will be then used to sew handbags or pillow covers.

Ms Bui Nguyen Hai Yen, the owner of the ‘Ngoi Nha Nho’ said after graduating from the Faculty of Architecture of the Ho Chi Minh City-based Van Lang University, she returned to her hometown of Da Nang to work.

After that, she decided to open the ‘Ngoi Nha Nho’ drawing class to satisfy her drawing passion, as well as spread her love of arts to everyone.

Recently, she has cooperated with her friend Le Thi Thu Thuy who is the owner of the Nha Nau fashion shop specialising in selling hand embroidered clothes, to open classes on drawing and design for embroidery in combination with hand embroidery courses.

In addition, the Nha Nau fashion shop is providing a hand embroidery class with the tuition fee of 300,000 VND per studying session.