Da Nang reports COVID-19 locally transmitted case

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
May 04, 2021, 09:11 [GMT+7]

Da Nang on Monday reported a COVID-19 locally transmitted case. The new postive case was confirmed in a 23-year-old man who come from the neighbouring Quang Nam Province’ Hoi An City. He lives with his family member on Nguyen Phan Vinh Street, Hoi An.

The man works as a spa ticket seller at the P.A. hotel on December 2 Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang, which borders Quang Nam. The man began his job on April 27. Besides, he also works as a delivery worker on the side.

It is highly concerning that the man had visited various places in both Hoi An and Da Nang when he exhibited symptoms.

The Da Nang Department of Health has already unveiled what it has known so far about the travel history of the new COVID-19 case.

On April 20, the man delivered cakes to a unknown site in Da Nang.

On April 21, around 10.00am, he delivered goods to the Da Nang inter-provincial coach station. At around 9:00am, he came to the Ba Sau (Mrs Sau) eatery for grilled pork noodles, right at the Hoi An Banyan Tree site.

On April 22, around 10:00 am, the man enjoyed coffee with his wife at Sambo café, located on Hai Ba Trung Street, Hoi An. About 8:00pm, he went to the Lotte Mart Da Nang, near the Tien Son Bridge, Da Nang, for shopping.

On the morning of April 23, he delivered cakes to an unknown venue in Da Nang. At 6:00pm on the same day, he had drinks with three other people at an eatery on Chau Thuong Van Street, Da Nang.

On April 24, around 9:00 am, he picked up goods at 156 Doan Huu Trung, Da Nang. At around 6:00pmm he had dinner at the Gio Trang Restaurant, Hoi An.

On the morning of April 25, he stayed at home. In the afternoon, we went to the Ba Quyt (Mrs Quyt) eatery for soup on Thanh Hoa Street, Hoi An.

On April 26, at 9:00am, he went to the worship place of the Van Duc's family in Hoi An, then went home.

On April 27, from 6:00pm to 7;00pm, he went shopping at the Con Cung shop located on Hai Ba Trung Street, Hoi An. At around 8:00pm, he went to the P.A Hotel on September 2, Hai Chau District, Da Nang to accept his job offer there. Around 9:00 pm, he went to a karaoke parlor at the Dao Xanh (Green Island) restaurant near the Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Da Nang.

On April 28, from 0:00 am to 1:00am on April 28, he went to the New Phuong Dong Bar in Da Nang. Around 1:00am to 2:00 am on April 28, he went to a karaoke bar on Nguyen Tat Thanh coastal street, Da Nang, and then went home.

Around 8:00pm to11:00pm on April 28, he went for drinks at the ‘Pho Co’ (Old Quarter) eatery serving snail dishes on Ly Thai To Street, Hoi An.

From 11:00pm on April 28 to about 3 – 4:00am on April 29, he relaxed at the Bao Nam karaoke parlor in Hoi An, and then went home.

From April 28 to May 2, exactly between about 7:00 pm and 4:00 am the following day, the man worked at the P.A Hotel, September 2 Street, Hai Chau, Da Nang and then went home.

On April 29, at about 5:00pm, he went to the Ba Quyt (Mrs Quyt) eatery on Thanh Hoa Street, Hoi An with his wife, then went to work.

On April 30, from 5:00pm to 6:00pm, he bought milk for his baby at the Tuti Hoi An and then went to work.

On May 1, he only worked and stayed at home.

On the afternoon of May 2, the man developed a fever and suffered fatigue. In the evening, he came to the Hoan My Da Nang Hospital, located on Nguyen Van Linh Street for checkups, and then tested for COVID-19.

His test result came back positive. For the time being, the man is being treated at the Da Nang Lung Hospital.

As per directions of the Da Nang Department of Health, relevant local agencies are speeding up epidemiological investigations and tracing close contacts of new COVID-19 patient.

Anyone who come to the above-mentioned locations from April 28 until now are urged to contact their local nearest medical facilities for assistance and sample taking for COVID-19 testing.

The unexpected incident has caused the hospital where the man was initially admitted, to be locked down starting Monday afternoon,and the hotel where the man worked at are put under lowkdown to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

Reporting by PHAN CHUNG- Translated by A.T