Da Nang young man passionates about academic music

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
July 29, 2022, 19:04 [GMT+7]

Despite being born in a family with no artistic traditions, Tran Tai Tri, residing in Man Thai Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang, showed his great passion for playing the piano from an early age. He has won many notable awards at academic music composition competitions around the world.

Tran Tai Tri performed at the 3rd edition of the International Piano Competition in Ha Noi 2015. (photo courtesy of the characters)
Tran Tai Tri performed at the 3rd edition of the International Piano Competition in Ha Noi 2015. (photo courtesy of the characters)

Reaping fruits of success from passion and hard work

Born and raised in a coastal fishing village in Son Tra District, Tran Tai Tri, 26, has been playing the piano since childhood.

At the age of 18, Tri graduated from the Hue Academy of Music at the intermediate educational level with excellent marks.

Then, he was fortunate to receive scholarship from the Russian Government to study in Russia. Overcoming the initial difficulties of studying abroad, he quickly improved his Russian speaking skills and cultivated professional knowledge to pursue his passion for music.

Currently, the Da Nang native guy is studying in the majors of Composition and Piano at the Gnesin Russian Academy of Music.

His unremitting efforts were paid off as Tri has won many awards at major academic music competitions worldwide.

Notably, he won the second prize (no first prize was awarded) at the International Composition Competition named after genius composer Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev held in Moscow in 2021 in the composition category for the Soprano voice.

Also last year, the young man grabbed the second prize at the 7th edition of the Valletta International Piano Competition held in the Republic of Malta.

According to Tri, participating in many competitions gives hime an opportunity to hone skills, and meet and exchange experience with many top artistes in the world.

Moreover, Tri has composed more than 50 works for instrumental, vocal piano and choral music. Many of his musical compositions are highly appreciated by professors, colleagues and friends for their artistic image and melodic character in music.

The musical talent said that academic music is the crystallisation of the history of human music, and the quintessence of national music, and it has high philosophical and artistic values. However, Vietnamese people are picky about the genre of music.

“Children around the world learn music professionally from an early young age, but in Viet Nam it is not so common. Therefore, I want to share my knowledge and skills to contribute to promoting the popularity of academic music among the public, especially children" pondered Tri.

Desire to incubate young musical talents

Tri’s biggest concern is how to make academic music become more popular with the public.

Although the appeal of classical music is not like pop, ballad, rock or R&B, as for many young people, classical music is still has a certain place, bringing a vibe for artists and audiences to sublimate.

Tri shared that academic music is not always shown in massive auditoriums far from the public. Sometimes with a small outdoor space, along with the artistes’ sublimation, the audience can enjoy the classic symphonies.

In fact, outdoor performances often attract many spectators to stop and listen. This is proof that academic music can still appear in the form of mass performance, paving the way for classical music to come closer to life. Therefore, he always wants to make every effort to preserve the beauty of classical music and bring this genre of music closer to the audience.

Tri plans to return to Viet Nam to realise his dream of teaching and performing academic music, as well as spreading the good values ​​of academic art to the public, especially young people, after graduation in Russia.

Reporting by THIEN NGUYEN - Translating by M.DUNG