Award for Outstanding Dedication to Da Nang introduced

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
December 08, 2022, 18:54 [GMT+7]

The Da Nang Department of Home Affairs has introduced the Award for Outstanding Dedication to the city which will be presented from 2023. This award will be held twice every 5 years to celebrate the city's Liberation Day on March 29.

The award is created by the Party Committee, the People's Council, and the People's Committee of Da Nang along with the Municipal Fatherland Front Committee.

The award recognises locally elected individuals who make a significant contribution to promoting the development of Da Nang. This award reflects the dedicated spirit of elected individuals whose significant contributions have helped drive the city’s growth through their talent, intelligence, strength, material and spiritual support during the period of the city’s building and development.

Ten outstanding will be selected for this award, and the winner will receive municipal recognition and a VND 100 million cash prize.

Eligibility requirements include individuals inside and outside the city, overseas Vietnamese and foreigners.

Nominees must meet criteria set forth by the Da Nang Government. Nominees are required to abide by the national laws and regulations, to be willing to put forth effort, energy and talent to promote the development of the city, to make a positive impact on society, our community, agencies, units and localities, to be a shinning example to their colleagues and local residents, as well as to win public support in the aspects of security, politics, economy, culture, society, charity, and environmental protection.

Local nominees must receive highest awards or honours at national or international professional competitions for their innovations, solutions, works, models, ideas, products, and specific activity that bring high efficiency to Da Nang in order to boost the city’s economic and social development.

Nominees outside the city are required to make a positive and effective contribution to the city's development in the aspects of society, culture, security, national defence, foreign affairs, as well as fostering bilateral cooperation between Da Nang and localities across the country and around the world. They must be nominated by the city's agencies and departments.

Nominees who are overseas Vietnamese and foreigners must respect for independence, sovereignty, laws and traditional customs and habits of Viet Nam. In addition, they are required to make a signifcant contribution to the city's development in the aspects of economy, culture, society, security and national defence, as well as strengthening bilateral ties and cooperation between Da Nang and cities around the world.

Reporting by LAM PHUONG – Translating by H.L