Floral displays and lighting decorations promise Da Nang attractive Tet makeover

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
January 13, 2022, 12:06 [GMT+7]

Major downtown streets in Da Nang will be festooned with strings of illuminative lights and ornamental decorations dangling between the stately trees that line the thoroughfare casting a soft Tet holiday glow. As the 2022 Lunar New Year ushers in the Year of the Tiger, some of the venues will be enlivened with floral miniature scenes featuring the image of this lovely zodiacal animal, and showcase the beauty of the landscape, traditional culture and people of Viet Nam.

Floral and arts lighting decorations for the Year of the Tiger 2022 along the Han River promises to give the city a new look. Photo: XUAN SON
Floral and arts lighting decorations for the Year of the Tiger 2022 along the Han River promises to give the city a new look. Photo: XUAN SON

"Aspiration to rise up’ is the key idea that is conveyed through the public floral displays and lighting decorations for the Tet 2022 festival in Da Nang. Bach Dang Street and the both sides of the Han River will be impressively adorned with fresh flowers, thereby bringing the city a fresh look on the forthcoming special occasion.

In front of the Da Nang Administrative Centre, along a route leading to the Dien Hai Citadel, there will be seven clusters of fresh flowers, highlighting the beauty of chrysanthemums, poinsettias and azaleas. Each flower cluster has two tall flower towers, all curved in the shape of a waterfall.

Some flower clusters are decorated with fresh flowers placed on materials, bamboo baskets for instance, to stylize the shape of a vase. The decorative flower clusters are also arranged with an artistic lighting system featuring led bulbs.

Meanwhile, the T-bridge in front of the 42 Bach Dang facility will emerge as a big stage of spring flowers along Bach Dang Street. The main backdrop of this venue features five arcs of rainbow colours. The main flower pot will be installed in combination with word “Happy New Year of the Tiger” and five tiger mascots made of sand material.

The tiger mascot symbol is also associated with a vividly decorated forest, thereby conveying the message of both environmental protection and wildlife safeguarding.

The butterfly -shaped miniature flower beds are made of high-tech lathe cut iron with many colours. The flower clusters will feature flower towers that shade according to the drums erected on bamboo ladders, reminiscent of traditional cultural objects.

Wishing for good fortune in the new year is also expressed through carved coins which highlight the image of the tiger mascot depicted in the form of the Dong Ho painting through high-tech lathe cut wood. The overall decoration area is arranged with many tiger mascots of various sizes made of maze material and artistic lighting items.

In a similar vein, the landscape floor area to the west of the Rong (Dragon) Bridge in the northern part is arranged with six clusters of miniatures. The main idea is the stars attached to the tiger mascot in a cube shape.

In the clusters of miniature flowers are herds of tiger mascots pained in many highly-inviting colours. The artistic lighting is arranged in the shape of an umbrella, a canopy and a mushroom.

Workers of the Da Nang Park Company paint the median strip of Vo Van Kiet Street. Photo: TRIEU TUNG
Workers of the Da Nang Park Company paint the median strip of Vo Van Kiet Street. Photo: TRIEU TUNG

Likewise, the southern part will be adorned with large flower gate which leads into the miniatures inside. The focal point is the tiger mascot standing in a majestic stature with rainbow-colored bows with the numeral 2022 as the background. The ‘tigers’ are seen walking on the carpet of fresh flowers with stylized traditional costumes.

As for lighting decorations, chains of eye-catching decorative lights will take shape at designated downtown places, generating wonderful lighting effects at night.

In addition to renovating the current decorative lighting spots, there will be a cluster of lighting works at the gate of the expanded APEC Sculpture Garden. The highlight of the entrance gate to the APEC Sculpture Garden is the lighting of the tiger mascot with 5 mounts.

On Wednesday, Deputy Director of the Management Board of Da Nang Civil and Industrial Construction Project Nguyen Hong Thanh said the selection of contractors for the implementation of floral and lighting decorations has been completed. For the time being, contractors are ramping up making decoration items for their soon installation.

The installation of the decorations will have completed before January 30, the 28th day of the lunar 12th months).

As compared to recent years, amid the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s street decorations will be conducted in a more economical manner but they are not be less eye-catching and impressive than those installed in previous years, showcasing harmonious combination of natural, traditional, and modern elements.

The total cost for the above-mentioned decoration plan is expected to more than VND8.5 billion, of which VND705 million is earmarked for lighting.

Reporting by TRIEU TUNG – Translating by A. THU