Efforts to build museums in Da Nang into impressive destinations for locals and visitors

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
June 09, 2022, 16:50 [GMT+7]

In 2022, museums across Da Nang continue offering free waivers to all visitors, aimed at attracting more tourists and facilitating local residents to visit and learn about the culture and history of the city, and the country as a whole.

A museum guide (left) introducing artifacts on display at the Museum of Da Nang to students of the city-based Duy Tan University. Photo: VAN HOANG
A museum guide (left) introducing artifacts on display at the Museum of Da Nang to students of the city-based Duy Tan University. Photo: VAN HOANG

In early June, 2022, a group of students from Open World English Centre based in Dien Ban Town, Quang Nam Province, organised extracurricular activities at the Museum of Da Nang to visit and learn about the history of the city.

This practical activity provided a good opportunity for the students to expand their historical knowledge and relax after hard studying days.

Mrs. Do Bao Ngan, Director of the Open World English Centre, shared that the city’s admission fee exemption policy at local museums offered the great opportunity for the centre to visit and learn about the typical culture and history of the city. This, thereby, helped arouse love for the homeland, and gratitude for generations of ancestors who sacrificed their lives for national independence, among centre students.

In addition, the admission fee exemption policy received a great response from both locals and visitors.

Le Thi My from Ho Chi Minh City said that she visited the Marble Mountains Tourist Area and the Fine Arts Museum during her vacation in Da Nang. Despite free admission, security and order, and environmental sanitation at these places are guaranteed.

When visiting the Da Nang Museum of Fine Arts with his group of friends, Tran Van Tuan, a student of the Faculty of Business Administration of the city-based Duy Tan University, showed his keen interest in many of artifacts displayed here.

Tuan said that the museum was crowded with visitors on weekdays. “The space of the museum is very airy and quiet, so visitors can comfortably admire pieces of works and take souvenir photos” said he.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Trinh, Deputy Director of the Da Nang Fine Arts Museum, said that the museum always created the best conditions for visitors to feel comfortable during their visit to the museum.

She added the city's admission fee exemption policy has significantly contributed to attracting more visitors to the museum as well as access tour operators. This is also an opportunity for the museum to arrange the appropriate exhibition space for each programme, and organise many activities and quality fine arts exhibitions to satisfy the cultural access needs of visitors.

From January 1 to May 31, the museum welcomed more than 13,000 visitors. In May alone, more than 5,000 visitors, including many international delegations from such foreign countries as South Korea and Spain, visited the venue.

In the coming time, the Fine Arts Museum plans to organise many activities such as wood engraving, engraving rubber stamps printed on T-shirts on the occasion of Vietnamese Family Day, and contemporary sculpture exhibition themed ‘Colour explosion’ by sculptor Dam Dang Lai.

Likewise, many unique and exciting activities took place at the Museum of Da Nang in May. Included were the ‘Children are happy to explore the museum’ programme, printing of Dong Ho folk paintings, a drawing competition, an arts exhibition entitled ‘Heading out to sea’, a writing contests about fishing villages, sea and islands, a dance competition and an orchid festival.

Mr. Tran Van Chuan, Head of the Education - Communications Office of the Museum of Da Nang, said that since the beginning of the year, the museum has received a large number of visitors. In May alone, the museum welcomed more than 17,200 visitors who were mainly domestic tourists, pupils and students in the city, local residents and international visitors.

In the time to come, the museum will focus on diversifying activities and promoting marketing campaigns via social media platforms in order to bring the museum's images closer to the public.

“Through such already-organised and soon-to-be-organised activities and programmes, the Museum of Da Nang wants to bring interesting experiences to visitors, and improve their understanding of local culture and history, thereby contributing to creating cultural highlights and making the museum an impressive destination for tourists when coming to Da Nang" said Mr. Tran Van Chuan.

Reporting by THIEN NGUYEN - Translating by M.DUNG