The remaining covid-19 patient discharged, 6 cured so far in the city

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
April 10, 2020, 17:12 [GMT+7]

The remaining patient being treated for the coronavirus in Da Nang has been discharged from hospital, bringing the total number of patients given the all-clear in the city to 6.

The woman presenting a cream cake for the hospital’s healthcare workers. The cake carrying the words ‘Thank you Da Nang’
The woman presenting a thank you cake for the hospital’s staff before leaving the hospital

The 27-year-old woman returning from Sweden, a resident of northern coastal city of Hai Phong, tested positive for coronavirus on 23 March. She is the sixth person in Da Nang to be diagnosed with the disease. 

She was placed in isolation in the Centre for Training National Defense and Security Knowledge in Lien Chieu District upon arrival at Da Nang International Airport on 21 March.

On 19 March, she went to Denmark by train. Then, she left Denmark for Viet Nam and transited via Doha, Qatar and Bangkok, Thailand. She arrived in Da Nang International Airport on the flight PG947 at 12.40pm on 21 March.

After the woman tested positive for the virus on 23 March, local health officials identified a total of 131 passengers who shared a plane with her from Thailand to Da Nang on 21 March. All of the air passengers were Vietnamese citizens, and they were quarantined at the same place with the patient. They then tested negative for the virus on 24 March.

The woman was transferred to the Da Nang General hospital for treatment after testing positive for the virus.

She left hospital on Friday morning following three negative tests. She has been discharged from hospital after a 2-week battle with Covid-19.

The woman is no longer contagious, according to doctors from the Da Nang General Hospital.

Before leaving the hospital, the woman presented a cake to say thank you to the hospital’s staff for their great care, love, and support during her hospital stay. She expressed her gratitude with thank you messages for Da Nang writing on the cake.

Leader of the Da Nang General Hospital presenting flowers to staff of the Tropical Medicine Ward in recognition for their relentless efforts and great devotion for treating coronavirus infected patients over the past month.
Dr Le Duc Nhan, Director of the Da Nang General Hospital presenting flowers to staff of the Infectious Disease Ward in recognition for their relentless efforts and great devotion for treating coronavirus patients over the past month.

“I can't express in words how grateful I am for great care, love and support I have received from the hospital’s staff. Thank you so much for the thorough and complete healthcare that  has given me peace of mind that I'm still fine since I tested positive for the deadly virus” the woman said.

Dr Le Duc Nhan, Director of the hospital, remarked all of the hospital's staff, and the people of Da Nang as a whole, cannot hide the joy of seeing the remaining coronavirus patient being discharged from hospital.

He also advised his hospital's staff not to subjective the disease, and urged local residents to strictly follow nationwide social distancing measures in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Healthcare workers in Hai Phong City will put in place close monitoring of the woman during her 14-day self- quarantine period at her residence after discharge following the Ministry of Health's guidelines.

Thus far, the Da Nang General Hospital has treated a total of six patients, and all of them have been discharged from hospital having make a full recovery from the illness.

By PHAN CHUNG - Translated by MAI DUNG