Photos showcasing Hoi An's beauty on display

Published: January 19, 2018

A Long-term exhibition by French photographer Réhahn on the beauty of Hoi An, the ancient town Quang Nam Province, has been opened in Hoi An Museum.

The photo entitled
The photo entitled 'Blue Window' by French photographer Réhahn is being displayed in Hoi An Museum

Each of the 16 photos about the people and the town is a personal story of local people, moments in their daily life, and the portrayal of the ancient town and the scenery of its rural areas nearby. Most of these images have appeared in articles about Hoi An published in major international magazines, helping to build the reputation of photographer Réhahn who has a special affection for the ancient town.

The highlight of the exhibition is Hidden Smile, Réhahn’s portrait of Madam Xong, who has since been named the most beautiful woman in Viet Nam by multiple international newspapers as well as National Geographic, the Los Angeles Times and the BBC.

“Réhahn’s photos truthfully reflect the everyday life of the Hoi An people, which would evoke the visitors’ feelings about the ancient town and its people even before they explore it themselves,” said Nguyen Chi Trung, the director of Hoi An Museum.

Réhahn was born in Normandy, France. He has travelled to more than 35 countries prior to making Hoi An Ancient Town his home in 2011. He has been popularly known for his portraits of Viet Nam, Cuba and India.

“For me to help promote Hoi An’s image to the world is a meaningful mission that a Hoinanian such as me always set my mind on and tried to accomplish,” the photographer said.

(Source: VNS)