Tho Quang fishing wharf and Hoa Cuong seafood wholesale market to open in coming time

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
September 26, 2021, 14:01 [GMT+7]

The Da Nang People's Committee has issued an official dispatch which requires relevant local agencies to make preparations for the resumption of Tho Quang fishing wharf and its seafood wholesale market, and the Hoa Cuong wholesale market.

Tho Quang fishing wharf and its seafood wholesale market
Tho Quang fishing wharf and its seafood wholesale market will open soon. Photo: HOANG HIEP

As permitted to resume its operation in the coming time, the market will only run from 2:00am -7:00am daily with some restrictions as follow. 

Under the plans which are still waiting for the municpal government's approval, a trans-shipment point will  be set up at the market yard and individual wholesale buyers will be prevented from coming the market to make any purchases. Simply put, goods will be transported into the market gate, are then loaded onto small trucks by the authorised team for delivery trips to distribution points in the city, including traditional markets, supermarkets and collective kitchens.

Only 25 - 30 vehicles transporting about a total of 300 - 350 tonnes of fruit and vegetables from about 15-20 provinces and cities nation will be allowed to enter the market for distribution activities every day.

Traders and those who are involved in loading and unloading goods, along with environmental sanitation staffers and members of market management forces must make daily electronic medical declarations, receive the first dose of COVID-19 vaccines and have negative test results for SARS-CoV-2 by the RT-PCR technique with the validity within 72 hours.

Also, traders are highly recommended to conduct non-cash transactions to prevent coronavirus infection.

It is expected that after 7 days of re-opening, the market will restore the wholesale area, based on the re-evaluation of all COVID-19 prevention and control activities.

According to a draft plan to bring the Tho Quang fishing wharf and its seafood wholesale market back into operation, in the first phase, fishing vessels from Da Nang and other localities that are being anchored at the wharf will be eligible to leave here for conducting fishing trips and make comebacks for loading and unloading seafood.

However, fishery logistics ships will be not permitted to operate at the site.

The time of loading and unloading seafood will be from 6:00am to 5:00pm daily. Seafood can only be brought from fishing boats onto vehicles which directly head to local wet markets and distribution points across the city, with the aim of minimising direct interpersonal contact and large gatherings at the wharf.

For seafood that cannot be sold at the Tho Quang seafood wholesale market, merchants will be responsible for working with seafood processing factories for consumption or temporary frozen storage here.

Reporting by QUYNH TRANG - HOANG HIEP – Translating by A.T